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Property Management

Spring Clean-Up: consists of clearing the grounds of all landscape waste, light pruning of winter injury, mechanically de-thatching of the lawn, deep edging of property borders, removal of all landscape waste and a one time spot seeding throughout lawn areas.

Ground Maintenance Services: From April 1st till October 15th we provide weekly lawn cutting, property border edging, bed weeding and blowing the entire grounds.

Our Bi-Weekly Fall Clean-ups (starting in the middle of October and ending in the middle of December) consists: of blowing the property clear of all landscape waste (leaves, twigs, and debris) prior to servicing the lawn maintenance. Landscape waste is left at the curbside for the individual town clean-up. Where the town does not permit waste left at the curbside, waste will be disposed of by Contractor and billed on a per yard disposal.

Annual Shrub and Ornamental Tree Pruning Services: are performed twice a year (early and late summer) to maintain healthy plant life and create a natural appearance.

Annual Slice Seeding and Core Aeration Services: are recommended. Core Aeration breathes life into your roots. Over time your soil naturally becomes compacted, leaving the subsoil undesirable for healthy lawn growth. The compacted soil needs to be mechanically aerated. Aeration makes air holes in the soil which permits water, air, fertilizers and nutrient exchange with the roots of the lawn to promote the re-germination of the lawn. Slice Seeding allows the lawn to be sliced into small rows and seed is placed into the lawn's soil to strengthen the roots of the lawn. Both treatments can and will enhance the lawns growth.

Organic Lawn, Tree and Shrub Care Program

Our goal is to provide your lawn and shrubs with the best organic health care program necessary to bring out the very best health for your lawn and shrubs to reach the ultimate outcome a beautiful landscape.

All of our treatments are based on the Rutgers University recommendations and updates annually. All applications are installed by a licensed New Jersey Applicator certified in turf and ornamental plants.

Our Health Care program consists of six (6) lawn and seven (7) shrub treatments.